Re: East Tennessee Rwy receives $2 Million grant

Mark Milbourne

Yeah, Broadway crosses the NS and that branch.   Just west of Broadway the branch both interchanges and crosses the NS next to what was a General Shale location.   Did CSX give them that trackage?    Initially CSX let them take over all the local traffic, but my understanding was they retained ownership.  


Back when you could bum a cab ride before G&W took over,  I got to ride along and I think we had traffic for General Shale, Johnson City Chemical and a propane customer over there.  I think I heard General Shale is out of that location now though.   They probably only did the CSX traffic for GS as NS probably could switch it directly.   I remember we came over from Legion Street and switched bricks for GS and then Keith had to raise NS dispatch on the radio to get clearance to cross over.


Hopefully they have another potential rail customer at the former General Shale.    The rest of the branch is nothing to brag about.  When you cross over at Broadway, looking east there is an obvious difference in the condition of the NS track and the branch, so hopefully this grant will get things spruced up and add customer(s).


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Isn’t that Clinchfield Carnegie Branch? The narrow gauge track to the furnace is long gone.  Part of it is a street.

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Here is an article in the Business Journal that gives more information about the railroad improvements.  A portion of the project will upgrade the tracks along North Broadway Street.

Here is another article:

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