Re: ET kits

Jim King



I understand the Economics 101 to Marketing analogy all to well … that’s why I produce resin kits, details, etc. that no one else does.  The HO RTR guys seems to be missing that point many times considering yet ANOTHER SD40-2 has recently arrived.


The narrow-gauge KIT market, regardless of scale/gauge, is too small for a competitor to start from scratch, despite all the current innovations in 3D printing, etc.  It still boils down to the research and LOTS of hours in CAD to make a credible product.  Given all of the ET stuff WR makes, there is no reason for me to re-enter that world.  Good for him … the modeler is the winner here!


It’s also a matter of risk vs reward for me.  The model RR product line is a key ingredient to my full-time business.  This is NOT a hobby … it’s my livelihood.  I carefully select prototypes, solicit interest from my private email lists then determine if a certain car is a go/no-go/wait-a-while.  O scale kits command primo $$ simply because they are big, the market is hungry for good products and the current RTR suppliers stick to what they can keep spitting out from China with different paint schemes.  The builders are my target market but the demand has to be sufficient to justify the upfront work to get to the end result.  I need “numbers”, not selling a few here or there or, assuming there’s a “run” when XYZ-product is made available, then the orders stop and I’m left with parts that are unique to that car.  Not a good business plan!


I will slide back into the shadows for now and consider potential narrow gauge products in time.


Jim King


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