Tupelo Honey in Johnson City is closed

Rae Augenstein

This may be old news to some, but was a surprise to me today even though I drive down State of Franklin and Buffalo Street *all the time.* 
Tupelo Honey Cafe, in the former Clinchfield Depot in Johnson City, has closed. The renovation of the CC&O depot and opening of the Tupelo Honey really kickstarted the downtown revitalization we've seen here, and led to the renovation of the ET&WNC depot across the street, which is the current home of Yee Haw Brewery and the White Duck Taco Shop. Both of those places are always busy. 

WJHL story: 

I know the Tupelo Honey's lovely little JC model railroad was messed up when it was installed, but I hope someone already has custody of it or has plans for it. 

Rae Augenstein 
Johnson City 

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