New Land of Oz and Tweetsie RR film uploaded

Rae Augenstein

I just uploaded an old home movie of our visit to the Land of Oz and the Tweetsie RR in *I think* 1973. 

It features most of the Oz walkthrough including the balloon ride PLUS a double-header at Tweetsie. 

My dad, who passed away a few weeks ago, narrated the film-to-video transfer several years ago, and he says there was a political rally at Tweetsie that day. It may help some of you park historians to pinpoint the date of the visit. Again, I think it was '73. 

I've been going through a DVD of his movies that I didn't know he was able to transfer. I have film from Six Gun Territory in Florida in '69, which had a train (the park was very similar to Tweetsie and Ghost Town and early Silver Dollar City). I have Disneyland in '65 with Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland (also uploaded to my same YouTube channel), Walt Disney World in April '72 (so six months after it opened, but scant train footage), Kings Island, Geauga Lake from the Cleveland area, Cedar Point, and a few more tourist trains. If anyone is interested in those I can post a reply here or you can email me off-list or find me on the Facebook. It will take me a few more days to get it all transferred. 

I don't know the quality of the original Oz/Tweetsie film since he did this transfer so many years ago. I find it and see if I can do a good digital restoration though. 

Rae Augenstein 
Johnson City 

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