Philip Taylor

If you want help I would be happy to help with the move process.

Philip Taylor 

On May 23, 2018, at 7:51 PM, Rick rick@... [Tweetsie] <Tweetsie@...> wrote:


Nathan and Jim,

I have moved other groups of mine to .io, so that isn't a problem.

What I am finding is I have too many groups and need to downsize. Is
there anyone on the list that would like to take over the Tweetsie group
and start a new list at I can set up the new group and
transfer the list over there and turn it over to a new owner. I'd
probably change the group name to ETWNC to make it clear it is a new
group. In the setup, everyone is transferred with the same settings as
now, so you won't be lost in translation.

current owner

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