On3 ET gondola pilot model for sale

Jim King

For sale:  pilot model for the 32' ET&WNC gon kit that I once produced in On3 (now sold by Wiseman Models).  The is the car I built for kit instruction photos "way back when".  It is complete except for lettering so you can decal it anyway you wish.

The frame is cast urethane.  Deck and sides are individual Kappler Sugar Pine boards, weathered with thinned India Ink/Alcohol.  Includes Grandt Line trucks with NWSL On3 metal wheels (polished treads) and Kadee 805 couplers (all weathered).  One of a kind.  Never to be repeated (by me).

$175 + postage.  Contact me off-list at jimking3 at charter dot net.  First person to accept price is "winner".

Thank you.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works Inc.

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