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At 9:33 AM -0800 3/17/99, Tom Armstrong wrote:
ET&WNC. I have little original material to add. However, I do have copies I
made about four years ago at the National Archives, of ICC Valuation data
on the ET&WNC. The recent remark about stock cars made me look at what I

Interesting. The photo on p39 looked to me like a rather long car, so
I assumed it was another of the 'built from a 36' flat' variety. It
could be a 90 series though or one of the 'others' that John Waite
said bounced on and off the valuation sheets. Sure seems like a
wide-body at 8'10"!

stock car No. 90:

Built by ET&WNC, est. date built, 1905.
Capacity: 24,000
weight: 17,600
length over end sills: 33' 2"
width over side sills: 8' 10"
There was also a compilation of all such reports. For the stock cars it
Nos. 90-92 - 3 cars
date built: unknown
wood construction
30,000 lb. Capacity
length 33'
width 7'
height 7'
weight 17,500
Now they shrunk to 7' and gained 6,000 lbs capy! Guess nobody really
liked paperwork back then either :o}

There is lots of other interesting stuff in the rest of the ICC field
notes. Perhaps I can share more later. Or, has this information already
been published?
I'm open for whatever else you have.

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