Re: New ET&WNC RR Map

Philip Taylor


I understand the compromises that must be made and I think from what I have seen you may have found the balance point.  When mine arrives I will give more feedback 

Thanks for taking on the project and for all you do for our shared interest in the ETWNC


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Thanks for your thoughts Lee! I always appreciate honest reviews.

I understand exactly what you're saying. Unfortunately, there are compromises when doing custom work like this. Especially between size and legibility.

The map's a good sized map, but it is legible with loads of detail. And that's what folks have told me they liked about it.

For any of you who are coming to the Historical Society Convention I'll have maps with me that you can see for yourself before making a purchase.

Thanks again!

Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society

On 23 Mar 2017 21:26:35 +0000, "p51@... [Tweetsie]" wrote:

This is very good work, and as much as I’d love to have one, but I have three concerns:

  1. It’s HUGE. You sure can’t hold it in your hands.

  2. It’s HUGE. And oddly shaped. Framing something like this will cost a small fortune as I truly doubt this is a commercial frame size.

  3. Did I already mention that it’s HUGE? Who’s got the wall space for something that big?

    As much as I like it and that I’m willing to spend for the cost, I don’t have the wall space or the money to frame the thing, as it’d only fit so high in my model train room that you wouldn’t be able to actually read it, nulling the entire reason for having it in the first place.



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