Re: On30 annual, with ET content this year!

Philip Taylor

Congrats on the article. I am looking forward to seeing it in the mail soon


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For those of you familiar with model trains, the On30 annual is a once-a-year publication dedicated to what is more of a ‘Red headed stepchild’ (but quite popular) gauge within the hobby, representing 3-foot gauge track in O scale with a width more like HO track (it’s been around for years but popularized in the last few years by Bachmann). Previous issues have had some decent ET&WNC content already.

This coming issue will have three ET&WNC-themed articles, which I'm very happy to hear mine is one! The others are a guide on modeling ET&WNC coaches (no idea who wrote that) and another on passenger service by our own Johnny Graybeal.

I heard from editor Chris Lane today. He's still editing, I should get the proof of my article soon and he said he’s just wrapping up the proof for Johnny’s article.

My article is about my layout, a fictional branch line of the ET running up Stoney Creek from Elizabethton.

I think many members might want to look this up when it comes out. The tentative date for mail out for the finished annual is next month, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. I’m telling people (as everyone in the hobby is asking me as if I’m the publisher) that they can probably count on it for Mother’s Day, if not sooner.

More info on content and ordering (as it can be really tough to find, even in hobby shops) can be found here:


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