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I recently joined this list, just to see what others are posting about the
ET&WNC. I have little original material to add. However, I do have copies I
made about four years ago at the National Archives, of ICC Valuation data
on the ET&WNC. The recent remark about stock cars made me look at what I
have. I copied the original hand-written notes. There is generally one
page per car or locomotive, although sometimes one page just references the
data on another page. Not all cars are included.

In April, 1917, W.B. Combs from the ICC made the following notes about
stock car No. 90:

Built by ET&WNC, est. date built, 1905.
Capacity: 24,000
weight: 17,600
length over end sills: 33' 2"
width over side sills: 8' 10"
underframe, superstructure, center and end sills, end of car: wood
roof: tin
doors: two side, no end
body bolsters: wood
draft timbers: wood
draft rigging: single spring ???? (can�t read last word)
Mfg. GS? Or 65? Or 6.5? stops (can�t read this one either)
air brake schedule: �6"
trucks: arch bar
truck bolsters: wood
wheels, C.I., 8, diameter: 24"
journals: 3 3/4" x 6"
safety appliances: yes
6 sills
four truss rods - 1 1/8"
roof, body, floor condition: bad
underframe condition: fair
trucks: good
Maintenance: normal, in regular service

There was also a compilation of all such reports. For the stock cars it
Nos. 90-92 - 3 cars
date built: unknown
wood construction
30,000 lb. Capacity
length 33'
width 7'
height 7'
weight 17,500

Based on these two statements, one specific for one car and the other
general for three cars, I would guess that the three cars were different. I
am sorry the data for the other two cars was not included, but that�s how
it goes with the ICC data.

In the recent �The Blue Ridge Stemwinder� article on stock cars, it
mentions that there were three stock cars listed in Poor�s between 1918 and
1926. These are probably the cars.

There is lots of other interesting stuff in the rest of the ICC field
notes. Perhaps I can share more later. Or, has this information already
been published?

Tom Armstrong

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