Re: ET&WNC RTR HOn3 Model Survey


UPDATE: Due to cost and high numbers of cars needed to be produced at a reasonable MSRP I have decided to move on from the RTR cars.. The current surveys will all be closed. Thank you to those of you that have completed the survey and have contacted me with your comments, suggestions, and words of encouragement!

Nathan M. Kline

"I’m looking into the possibility and cost of having RTR HOn3 ET&WNC models, similar to Blackstone Models, produced. Pricing would be similar to Blackstone Models. I would start with one model and go from there. They would have Kadee #714 couplers.  Here is a list of models I’m considering…


Laconia Coaches (lettered unnumbered)

Coach #5


I’m just trying to judge interest right now. Please let me know how many of each model you would purchase. Please click on the link below to take you to the survey page that I setup.


PLEASE NOTE: This survey does not represent a survey for any particular model manufacturer and is solely for the purpose of gauging interest in particular models that I am considering having manufactured. Your response is in no way a commitment to purchase the model. Thank you!




This survey will close on October 31st at 11:45pm.


Nathan Kline"

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