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Bill Miller


I would be interested in ET&WNC style trucks, as I have run out of the Hoffman trucks and he wants orders for 30 or more to produce any more. I need 15, five of each style (there are 3 types) to finish the projects I have on the work bench. How much are you going to charge for the HON3 Trucks per-set. Any interest in doing caboose trucks? When I know you will produce them and quote a price I will send MONEY!

Wm Miller

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I produced 2 freight and 1 passenger truck in Sn2 as a special project for the “two foot guys” back in 2007-08.  I do not advertise on my web but, occasionally, receive enough orders to justify smaller runs.
If there is sufficient interest in HOn3 and the info to create 3D CAD files and SLA patterns is provided , I will consider producing similar trucks in HOn3.  Advance pre-paid orders are required to set this project in motion.  These would be cast urethane, non-sprung, parts.  The sideframes rotate on separate bolsters so equalization is possible.  They would be designed to accep t Kadee HOn3 wheelsets, just like the Sn2 trucks.  The freight trucks consist of only 8 parts:  2 sideframes, 1 bolster, 1 bolster bearing and 4 journal box lids.  In HOn3, the lids would be part of the sideframe casting, thus reducing the part-count to just 4 pieces, excluding the mounting screw and wheelsets.  These would be VERY simple to assemble and easily painted.
The Sn2 prices were $18 per set for freight trucks, including wheelsets and screws.  Due to the complexity and small usage of passenger trucks, I’m only proposing freight car trucks in HOn3 at this time.
Normally, I’d request that discussions be moved off-list.  In this case, since trucks are of major concern to modelers wanting to buy new kits or complete older ones, I’ll leave it up to Johnny and Chris to determine if discussing this topic ON LIST is more appropriate.
Jim King
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