Dave Hoffman and other tidbits

Rick Blanchard <bdesign@...>

Hi folks,

I had heard from another 'e'list that Dave Hoffman is finally settled
in enough to begin to provide the castings and kits he used to for
the ET&WNC. I have a new address for him but apparently he either has
no phone or it is not listed. Has anyone been in touch with him
lately? I'd like to update the info on the web site but don't want to
promise things that aren't ready to happen.

The new address I have is:

David M. Hoffman
8683 US Hwy. 61 N
Woodville MS 39669-3502

So there he is, out on Highway 61!

Preview: I got a note from Les Walker that his HO Linville Depot
model kit may be ready by the time of the Historical Society annual
meeting. Check his web page for late breaking news. The URL is on the
ET&WNC web page.

For a final news tidbit, Since all of the great photos appeared in
the Stemwinder, it is apparent that the stock car that I drew plans
for is _not_ 700 or 701. It is from an earlier series and no numbers
were in Ferrells book for other stock cars. I will probably do two
things: relabel the drawing and remove the 700 numbers, and work on
another drawing of the stockcars to match the info in the photos for
700. I reiterate that the car that I drew was a best guess from a
single photo on page 39 of Ferrell's book. Apologies for the errors,
I just didn't have much to go on.

Rick Blanchard
San Diego, CA

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