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Bill Miller

Thanks for the information on Dave Hoffman. I built a bunch (5) of Mount Blue kits over the Xmas Holiday and found seven of Dave's Box car kits in a box. I built one and after playing with his trucks got them to roll as well as Blackstones, so I want more. I have one of each of the Trout Creek Gondola's built 32 / 37 foot and have three Smoky Mountain model works flats/ wood cars built. I have two hoppers on the work bench that have sat for a long time now because I don't like having to use CA glue on them. I have two of the Gary Rabitoy Caboose kits and one is almost completed  If Dave isn't selling his ET&WNC items anymore I guess I will use up what I have and look elsewhere for trucks to go under my Mount Blue Cars. If you are on face book join the ET&WNC Fans group and you can see some of my work.

Bill Miller

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The last time I talked to David he had very little in stock, if any, and was trying to get rid of his narrow gauge equipment for EBT and ET.  I built one of his Linville River boxes and while it does have brass parts, the Mt. Blue cars are light years ahead of it.  David's cars have some major short comings, and I have told him about them, just because of when they were first produced.  You are looking at 1980s technology in them.  For the other freight cars, I would look at Trout Creek.  He has both sizes of gons and the tank cars.  The hopper and flat are done by Wiseman.

Now if we can convince Johnny to get the 505 from Gary Rabetoy you will be in business.

Try to get you hands on an Hon3 Annual for 2011 or 12 for an article I did for them regarding building an ET freight train.

Larry Smith

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