Bob Webber <rswebber@...>

OK, folks, time to do some preventive maintenance. In the past week, I've
received the Happy99 worm and variants several times - it's time to try to
kill the beast in our little circle(s).

Everyone, please - if you are running Windows 95/98/NT perform the following:
Go to the START button and select the FIND selection with the Files or
Folders option. The enter the following: SKA*.* If the files indicated
in Bill's message show up, follow the instructions Bill thoughtfully supplied.

Next, do the same thing and put Happy*.exe in the find field. Delete the
little bugger(s) - note that there may be a Happy99 and a Happy991.

Please remove that smug grin from your face you Mac and Unix users - as the
song says "never kick a man when he's down, son, sometime you might have to
play his game".

Next, please do not post JPG, GIF, BMP - for that matter, please do not
send ANY attachments to the list in general. The appropriate thing to do
is to send a message with the subject information and see who wants the
attachments. Attachments are a major no-no when it comes to most lists.

And, as long as we are on the list of major no-nos, please make sure you
are sending messages in plain text, and not that gawdawful crap Microsoft
thinks everyone should have (HTML, primarily). The use of plain text is
not, as MS would have you think, a sign of a obsolete mail program.

There are folks on these lists in countries and locals that charge a very
pretty penny for any phone call, making downloads of unwanted attachments
and HTML not only time consuming, annoying and frustrating, but costly as well.

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