Re: HOn3 2014 Annual Arrives in the mail today

Bill Miller

Johnny Graybeal has two articles one on ET&WNC the railroad, One on Locomotive development and the Carter Museum has one on building their ET&WNC HOn3 layout. 

Barns and Noble just picked up WHITE RIVER Productions Magazines (RMC , Railfan,  Rail Passenger Journal,  etc) they showed up in my B&N books just before Xmas. 

Bill Miller
P.S. one of my photo's made it into his article.

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What ET content is there, article-wise?
Good to hear that this annual is out, which to me strongly supports that I'll eventually be seeing the On30 annual, which is the gauge I model in, but it's great they do other NG annuals, too!
My local B&N doesn't carry their scale annuals, and never has. You have to hit a good hobby shop to find one, something that's getting harder each year as shops have closed all over the area in the past few years.
I'll be heading past a couple of very well-stocked hobby shops tomorrow, thankfully, so I'll go check it out. Hopefully they'll have it at one of them.

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