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David Pressley

Welcome Royce -
I have two of the Bachmann On30 4-6-0's........ a number 11 in black and a number 12 in green...... I enjoy playing with them and have a basement layout but nothing you'll ever see featured in Model Railroader.
Others may have other suggestions but here are some of the 'standards'
1) The book 'Blue Ridge Stemwinder' by John Waite
2) A series of books by Johnny Graybeal titled 'Along the ET & WNC'. Each book features a different aspect such as the locomotives or the depots...... some may not be in stock or in print currently but those that are provide a wealth of information.
3) You'll find a whole mess of digitzed historic ET & WNC images at this website‎
David Pressley
The problem we face is that too many dim people with personal agendas have access to raw data and computer printouts.........

On Friday, January 3, 2014 12:40 PM, "wilsongk@..." wrote:
Howdy folks,thanks for letting me be part of your group.I presently model with On30 and I am considering a purchase of the Bachmann 4-6-0.My question for the group can you recommend a book about the ET&WNC?.

Royce Wilson

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