Re: ET&WNC painting print, is there really a market for this?


Hey guys,

It's me, Don Coker, not John, in the flesh. Wow, brother Ray, thanks for the endorsement! Well, I am a newbie to this group, but a member of many others. After I posted my painting to ebay I got an email from "Guv" Rick Perry, my neighbor across the Chattahoochee River, stating that y'all were talking about my painting on this list. So I figured I'd join in. I posted my intro a couple days ago, but apparently it didn't post.

To clear up some misconceptions, as I stated, I am Don, not John. John is a friend of mine and lives in Colorado, I in Georgia. We are not directly related, but we figure we are down the tree a ways. All the Coker's came into America from England in the late 1700s at Charleston. It is pretty odd that two guys named Coker are both artists and love the same subject! But here we are.

As for the painting, it is indeed an original oil painting on canvas, not a print. I have not made prints of it as of yet, but may in the future. If I do I'll let this list know. I finished the painting a few months ago and it is based on the photo in my friend, Mal Ferrell's book, The Tweetsie. Other than that, I am a Tweetsie fan as well and look forward to getting to know you guys, and to clear up one more thing, Guv Rick ain't such a bad feller once you get to know him.

If y'all have any other questions or comments, you can contact me at

Glad to be here!
"Don" (the other white meat) Coker
Columbus, Georgia!railroad-art

Don Coker is from Georgia, lives about a mile from me. Great artist with an unusual range of talent and interests. Contact info here:

Ray Montgomery

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