Re: Was combine # 15 a 'Jim Crow' car?

johnny graybeal

John and I talked on the phone regularly for many years. I can thus suggest that his thinking was that the combine was originally designed with the thought in mind of having people of color ride in it instead of the rest of the train. In the years since that article was written, we have learned that the other cars had partitions, etc etc. I have seen the original photos taken at the factory. Until you figure out the code on the bottom of the photo, you dont necessarily know that this picture was of the 15, the 16, or the 17. I now know that the partition photo is of the 16, not the 15.
In terms of the definition put forward of Jim Crow being a divided section in a single car, then combine 15 does not fit. While I can clearly see putting the separate but equal people up front, in the 15 and the front of 16, with the "genteel" people at the other end in the Azalea as logical, I have no letters or correspondence to prove it.
Does anyone know how the Southern did it in the Teens???

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As an addendum -
Please - Do not misunderstand me to suggest that John Waite was promoting any revisionist agenda other than preserving and sharing the history of the ET&WNC.
Absolutely not my intent.

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