Train #s

Lee Bishop

I'd asked this earlier but got no responses.
If ET trains didn't have #s, how'd they ID them? Were they all just ID'd by locomotive #? If so, were they ID'd in relation to where they were headed ('# 11 Eastbound from JC', as opposed to the same engine coming back from Cranberry later that day).
I'm starting to figure out operation guidelines for my ET layout and would need to have a prototypical way to ID the trains running...

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Did the ET ever have a blackboard listing of trains on any of their stations? One of the sketches in "Tweetsie Country" showed one but no photos are in any book I have (and I think I have them all). Does anyone have a photo of any train listing boards at any of the stations? I'm looking to create one for when my On30 layout is done and want to re-create a ET&WNC one if I can.

Also, did any of the trains have numbers on such a board?

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