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Bob Webber <rswebber@...>

I have dealt with Dave at Key several times in the past (I helped them with
some painting information for some diesel runs - I was also involved with a
group who did some of the "factory" paint jobs for them some time back). I
can contact him if desired, and get some idea of where things stand. I
haven't talked to Dan since he was soliciting ideas for his railroad - but
that was before he moved from California. I talked to Dave a couple of
times in the past few years, and I think he won't mind a question or two -
no guarantees though. Bob

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From: "Malcolm Marion" <>

Hi everyone,

With the recent discussion about Marty MacGuirk and Key Imports ongoing, I
wanted to clarify the history of the brass imports to this point and Marty's
position in general.

As many of you know, there have been several attempts to get our brass ten
wheelers. During the era of the Friends of the ET&WNC, there was a failed
run at importing an ET&WNC engine. Around the time the ET&WNC Historical
Society formed and before my tenure as President, I was asked by John Waite
serve as Manufacturer Liaison. One of my great interests was to have a good
brass HOn3 engine for our members. I approached all the importers at that
time and was told in unison that Eastern brass prototypes would not sell.
However, Lee Riley of Bachman knew of our interest and obtained an entr´┐Że
with Hallmark. After a long and drawn out process of several years, the
import deal fell through.

At that time, we had exhausted all our contacts. When Marty graciously
volunteered to contact Key and use his status with Model Railroader and
friendship with Mr. McKee to sweeten the deal, I thought it was a good idea.
Marty did ask that he be the sole contact to lessen the hassle factor from
our group with Key. The irritation factor had been stressed before during
the Hallmark process as other historical societies had left Hallmark and
other importers with a bad taste.

My understanding of the Key offer was to import the locomotives if we
reached the 150 unit threshold. The campaign was first to be limited to
around 6 to 9 months. As I understand it now, the offer is open ended. As
many of you, I would have preferred a more widespread advertising blitz, but
we weren't paying the bill either.

When I turned over my duties to Johnny this past June, I apprised him and
you the members as a whole of the current status.

I too think it is time to get another update and would hope Johnny has
already tried to get Marty. If others want to contact him, I am sure he
would be happy to talk to you too. I would ask, however, that you be civil.
He is on our side!

I am personally in favor of anything that will get good, working, accurate
4-6-O's on our tracks and would drop my reservation for the brass if we can
get Jim to produce his kits.


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