Re: Walk to the Wilder Mine

Chris Ford

Thanks for posting this Jerry. Wish we'd had that photo on the hike up to
Wilder mine during the convention. For anyone who doesn't have the
Stemwinder CD or one of the original Stemwinders from back that far, I've
uploaded that story in PDF format here...

I thought some modelers might be interested in the rest of the article so I
included the whole thing. Thanks to Ken Anderson for the writing that
article for John way back in 1994.


Chris Ford

From: Doris <>
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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 20:51:29 -0000
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Subject: [Tweetsie] Walk to the Wilder Mine

If you want to see a picture of the Greer Fill at State Line Hill just
across the Tennessee State Line, go to the Blue Ridge Stemwinder All-Time CD
table of contents. Go to 6/3 Jan-Feb-March 1994 and then go to culverts and
retaining walls, by Ken Anderson. To get an idea of the scale of the fill,
look at the culvert all the way at the bottom below the train. I would post
a picture myself, but couldn't get it to load.

Jerry & Doris

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