Re: 10th Annual NC Railroad Expo & Exotic Dancer Convention

matt bumgarner


Sorry that your wife does not appreciate the humor and this got you in trouble. The name has been the same for the past ten years and I get 10 times the amount of people who appreciate the humor more than the people who can’t, so the name ain’t changing anytime soon.

You are welcome to visit the photos and website at and show her how awful we really are.

Matt Bumgarner

From: Lee Bishop
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 10:51 PM
Subject: [Tweetsie] Re: 10th Annual NC Railroad Expo & Exotic Dancer Convention

Guys, have you ever thought about what the humorous name you've created for this event looks like to people online who don't know it's a joke? My wife just walked by and looked over my shoulder, then saw the titles of these threads and went thermonuclear when she read that. She refuses to believe that it's a joke now. Seriously, if I had had plans to attend, I wouldn't be going now. She was THAT ticked to see the name, as she's now convinced the name of the event is legit and describes what it's for...

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Please pardon the cross-postings, but we don't want you to miss it.

The 10th annual NC Railroad & Exotic Dancer Convention will be held at the Hickory Metro Convention Center on Saturday, April 9th.

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