Re: 10th Annual NC Railroad Expo & Exotic Dancer Convention

David Pressley

My wife has accused me of having an affair. 
She points out that every so often I call 'Julie' (Amtrak's automated ticket agent) on the telephone and then a few days later I disappear for three or four days on a 'train trip'.

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Guys, have you ever thought about what the humorous name you've created for this event looks like to people online who don't know it's a joke? My wife just walked by and looked over my shoulder, then saw the titles of these threads and went thermonuclear when she read that. She refuses to believe that it's a joke now. Seriously, if I had had plans to attend, I wouldn't be going now. She was THAT ticked to see the name, as she's now convinced the name of the event is legit and describes what it's for...

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Please pardon the cross-postings, but we don't want you to miss it.

The 10th annual NC Railroad & Exotic Dancer Convention will be held at the Hickory Metro Convention Center on Saturday, April 9th.

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