Re: Anyone thought of nabbing some spikes?

David Pressley

All of a sudden I'm reminded of that scene in the movie 'October Sky' when the boys start financing their rocket experiments by lifting rails from abandoned mine spurs......................................
The 4501 looked awfully nice in that movie.

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I would imagine not many people are going to have enough help or equipment to do the kind of "Snatch and Grab" the police are worried about.

Let's for argument's sake say the rail is 85 pound rail. That means the rail weighs 85 pounds every 3 feet. If a standard length of rail is 39 feet, you can divide that into 13 equal 3 foot sections. That one rail would weigh 1,105 pounds.

Not happening....


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The article from the JC Press does say they're enlisting the help of the
fine Elizabethton Police Dept to keep people from helping themselves to

- Rae Augenstein

I hate to be a wet blanket guys, but you may want to contact G&W directly
as theft of OTM is a highly prosecutable offense, and a felony. With scrap
prices high, the RR guys keep a close track of this stuff. You may be able
to negotiate for a barrel of used spikes at a decent price - and get a bill
of sale for the goods to prove ownership. That's the world we live in.

Mike Stillwell
Buena Vista, VA.

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