HOn3 Scale Production of ET&WNC Caboose #s 505 and 506 #s


Dear ET&WNC Yahoo Groups,

I am working with a group of modelers in an effort to develop and produce previously unavailable items (mostly of rolling stock) of the ET&WNC RR. Our first project is the production of HOn3 scale kits of caboose numbers 505 and 506. We anticipate that we may be able to offer these kits at a price somewhere between $50.00 - $60.00 ($50.00 without trucks and couplers and $60.00 with trucks but without couplers). The kits would be marketed by Cranberry Car Shops.

As you may know, the Mountain Empire Model Railroaders in association with the George L. Carter Railroad Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee is in the process of building a large HOn3 scale layout featuring the ET&WNC RR from Johnson City, Tennessee to Cranberry, North Carolina. If we are successful in this initial project, we hope to expand to offer other kits for cabooses, stock cars, and passenger cars. Additional offerings may follow depending on demand.

So, I am writing to all the members of the ET&WNC Yahoo Groups in an effort to get an idea of how many kits would realistically need to be produced (the actual kit manufacturer requires this information before beginning production). Please respond to me sometime within the next week if you would be willing to purchase a kit in HOn3 scale of ET&WNC caboose # 505/506 (both cabooses were similar except that # 506 ran on passenger car trucks). This is not meant to be a reservation for such a kit, but please be truthful about whether or not you would purchase one (or more)if the kit(s) are produced. Many thanks.

Best wishes,


Gary Rabetoy

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