Re: Progress on ET loco

"Jerry A. Shepardson" <j.shepardson@...

This is a very exciting project and I think Jim deserves a BIG pat on
the back for locating an alternative to brass. I don't want to rain on
the parade, but...

I share the same concerns as Chris. I've reserved two of the Key models.
I don't want to commit to Jim for two kits and then also end up with two
Keys. I'm only interested in a #11 and #12 since my layout is set in
1952. I'm already taking artistic license to have the narrow gauge
running on my layout.

My other concern is the kit itself. The thought of assembling valve
gear is scary! If the running gear is assembled, then I would have no
problem, but I'm just not sure my skills are up to this and $400 is a
bit steep for me to find out they are not! I've seen too many (and have
owned a few) poor running steamers.

Jerry A. Shepardson

The Southern Serves the South

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