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larry smith <wooddale@...>


Isn't it interesting that the price of brass keeps going up when their cost to
produce has gone down given the Asian economy. I understand a lot of brass is
being donw in China now and we all know how low the costs to produce are there.
Just a thought.

Larry Smith

Jim King wrote:

From: Jim King <>

Curtis, Chris, Larry, et al:

I don't want to start a feud amongst us! I understand about already shelling
out $$$ for the brass deposit, but frankly, Curtis is right ... I really don't
think that Key will produce the engine, at least not within the next 2-3
years. And yes, by then the $995 current price tag could easily be $1200. Not
only does that have negative affects on trying to get the rest of the needed
reservations, but those that have already plunked down a deposit may ask for it
back because they can't come up with the balance.

I've never reserved one of the engines, even when I was modeling in HO. I
can't justify nearly a grand for an HO engine, no matter how pretty it looks.
Even at dealer discount, I won't buy one. I just bought an On3 Precision Scale
NCNG 2-8-0 #9 for less than the current estimated ET HO engines!

I believe there may be only 1 or 2 options left in making this engine: the one
I've proposed or try to find a mass-production manufacturer, like MDC, to make
one. The ONLY way I foresee MDC even getting slightly interested in this
project is if they can sell 90% of their run to Colorado and California ng
modelers, since the engine would have to look like RGS or SP. I have a contact
at MDC if you want me to pursue this avenue, but I don't have much hope for
it. And, besides, they'll produce an engine that still needs a lot of
modification to match the ET engines, so what's the point?

A point about reservations. I may need some $$$ to guarantee a 50-piece run
from Chivers Finelines, my British source, depending on what he wants for his
share of the project. I don't expect it to be more than $75-100 deposit, but
it's a possibility. I'll do everything I can to not require a deposit, but
it's still a possibility. The difference between my deposit and Key's is that
I will be making the engine, not just planning on it!

I think it's premature to tell Key to stop the process. I haven't gotten far
enough along with Roger Chivers to know for sure that he can produce the frame,
drivers and valve gear economically. I should know within a month. In the
meantime, someone please mail me some Baldwin drawings so I copy them for
Roger's evaluation. He may already have appropriate drivers .. if so, we're
off and running!

Keep the dialog going among us ... we need to discuss all pros and cons to this
new option for a ten-wheeler.


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