Re: Progress on ET loco

Curtis Brookshire <curtis.brookshire@...>

I looked at it this way, Chris:

- This is the third time a brass importer took reservations on ET&WNC
- The first two fizzled, as we all know.
- Key put out a reservation sheet over a year ago.
- They still have yet to advertise as they do for models they know they'll
produce, and have yet to receive the minimum 150 for a production run.
- The price of brass continues to climb faster than inflation did 20 years
ago, so if let's say Key does produce them around 2001 or 2002, they'll
probably retail for $1200.-$1500. each.
- If we keep waiting, we'll all die waiting.

- Therefore, go for it Jim. I really don't think I'll have to worry about
brass just now. From the track record, we've nothing to lose, not even our

Anybody agree?


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