Re: Progress on ET loco

C Ford <cfordart@...>

Hey Gang,
This engine/kit sounds good, especially the price. My big questions would
be...I reserved and put a down payment on 3 brass engines from Key. I
can't drop that order unless they don't make them. Will Key actually
produce the brass they are trying to get our orders on, and (the big
quandry) do I commit to the engine/kits knowing that Key MIGHT actually
come through on the project. I really prefer the heft and quality of the
brass imports, BUT at this point, I'd almost rather go with the kits
because they seem to be of a good quality and a higher probability of
actually being produced.

So, the ones of y'all who have reserved 2 to 4 brass Key locos, what are
YOU going to do? Should we tell Key to forget the project and just let it
die, or do we wait and see and maybe end up with 8 locos :)

Just posing some questions here. Anybody with some good ideas?


Chris Ford

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