Re: Progress on ET loco

Curtis Brookshire <curtis.brookshire@...>

Very encouraging. Looks like we took a (baby) step forward. Thanks.

Some concerns I have:

- would like to see the mechanism (valve gear and side rods) assembled.
This will be the weak spot in getting these engines to run smootly, and not
all of us are valve gear craftsmen.

- since there are minor detail differences between locomotives, can we parts
for different versions? (Both pilot styles, cutoff valves, headlights
tender details etc.)

- would like to see domes, cab, and other detail parts separate. It will
look better and make multicolor painting more easy. If you produce RTR
engines, please allow for disassembly of detail parts to facilitate

- please a pilot designed to accept a front working coupler. I don't have a
preference on coupler height (NG or Std G), and I would be astounded to see
a working HO scale 3 way coupler.

- can we get decals/transfers included?

- enought weight for good traction.

- provisions for command control

As far as plans, guess Johnny Graybeal and/or John Waite would be the best
source. Bet Tweetsie has the plans, but getting them to release them may
take some smoozing.

BTW, I placed reservations for 4 brass 4-6-0s (and have saved enough to pay
for them). If these fill the bill, I'll go for 4. If you include
provisions for a number 9, maybe 5. I don't want any if they're lemons, but
I trust you'll QC them. I'll even volunteer to assemble a test model to
prove that any idiot can do it.

Keep up the good work,

Keep thinking: this year THE book, next year the ENGINES.

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