Progress on ET loco

Jim King <jking@...>

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know the preliminary info I've received from
a British loco kit supplier regarding "our" ten wheelers in HO and O.

At this time, my source has tentatively agreed to provide a photoetched
brass frame, drivers on axles, and valve gear that may/may not require
assembly. Gearbox and can motor will be discussed later. His minimum
requirement is 50 units. I will take his parts and make the rest of the
parts using white metal, brass and urethane materials. At this time,
the engines will only be available in kit form but some may be
contracted out to other sources I have if you want them built and
painted. I don't have the time to assemble and paint any of them, but
if there is enough interest in having RTR engines, I'll find a source.

We do not have pricing at this time but I expect it to be in the upper
$400s for a complete kit. It's also too early to discuss delivery the
2000 convention is doable.

Here's what I need from the group for this to continue:

1. Baldwin erection drawings showing all necessary details to built the
frame, boiler, cab and tender.
2. Lots of photos showing the various eras you want modeled.
3. I need EVERYONE to get in touch with me somehow telling me EXACTLY
what version/era you want, how many you'd buy in kit form and built up,
and what scale you want (HOn3 or On3).

We cannot continue this project without a more definitive amount of
"sales". I don't want to import 50 units and get stuck with 30, so
please don't tell me you'll take 4 when you really mean 1!

I'm very encouraged by the response from this British manufacturer. His
track record speaks for itself in the UK and Australia. Assuming this
project goes thru, it will be the first US prototype produced using the
proposed combination of manufacturing methods. Also, by having the
majority of parts cast in urethane and white metal, this project has the
greatest potential for completion since the brass importers were
contacted many years ago.

I'll keep everyone posted on progress. In the meantime, please let me
know your thoughts, intentions and comments concerning this subject.


Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works
Asheville, NC

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