Re: Info on UK steam kits

Jim King <jking@...>

Hi Malcolm,

I got a reply from Roger Chivers in England. He's just concluded several years
as his mom's caregiver before she died last month. Understandably, he has a
huge backlog of his own models, so I'm not sure (he isn't either) of what
direction he'll take now that he has more time. He did sound positive, but
also stated he'd think about my request for a while, then get back to me.

I have not heard from Railmaster yet. I will also contact Backwood Miniatures,
another British company on "our" subject.

I will pass on worthwhile info to the group as I get it. I'm trying to get a
clear direction on engines by June's convention. That should be plenty of time
to get a yes or no from these guys and related prices.


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