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David Pressley

Hi Larry,
Could you remind us where we can send our dues for those of us who can't make the convention?

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Just to clarify:
We are not a company and we are not paid employees. All of the officers are volunteers who try to do the best they can. We always try to resolve mistakes in favor of the member.
If you don't bring a problem to our attention, then it can't be fixed.

The dues year is now based on a calendar year - we had to do it differently in the past because the Stemwinder got behind and in order to keep the issues coming, a dues year ended when the second issue of a particular volume was published.

In any event, you are not subscribing to a magazine, you are paying dues to belong to the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad Historical Society. The dues year is July 1 to June 30 of the following year. You could pay your 2008 dues on June 30 and it wouldn't change the fact that your 2009 dues would be due on July 1.

Larry Brown

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Well once again the great and powerful OZ has spoken. But it is my understanding the society dues mostly go to paying for the magazine. So therefore it is basically a subscription to YOUR magazine. Now don't get me wrong, I think you are doing a fine job with the magazine. But let's get back to my point which is, Its a subscription to a magazine and everyother magazine company I know of runs your subscription from the month you pay until the same month the following year. So in my opinion which I know means nothing to you since you are the OZ. If someone pays in June they should be paid until the following June not just as you put it the next 10 days or so.

LeAnn Lane RN

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I don't want to single out Dusten or anyone else, though I did check the spreadsheet and Dusten was one of over 75 people who we dropped for non payment.
I have heard it from many people, well I pay at the convention. It is unfortunately often the fact that what you pay at the convention makes you a current member for the next 10 days or so until the new year starts, which is July 1.
Everyone who was dropped was sent a reminder in the Fall newsletter, and the winter newsletter, with the winter one stating that non payment would result in you missing the second issue. Remember that you had already received one free.
As President I have asked Treasurer Larry Brown to check a list when someone arrives at the convention to see their status. Hopefully it will be made clear to them for what year they are paying for. Remember there are 75 people in the same boat as you are.
This should have been said months ago, but it is common sense. If you receive notices saying that you are delinquent, it is Your responsibility to contact the treasurer and work it out.
I can state from experience that our Society is more lenient than some. I joined the Clinchfield Chapter NRHS for six months when my JC book came out. I did not renew. Their publication is bi-monthly. I did not receive a Single issue of anything past the date I had paid. That is a serious bunch, and good for them.
Again, no one was dropped to single them out. After two notices, one editorial, all of which encourage those behind to pay, we figured those who had not paid were no longer interested. They have received one issue of a publication and at least three newsletters free of charge. As the example shows, we are friendlier than most.

Hope this explains the situation.
Johnny Graybeal

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