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David Pressley

Hey Ledford,
Don't forget these guys -
The New Hope Valley Railway in Bonsal, NC. They run about 4 miles of an old (original) Norfolk Southern branch from where it used to cross the old Seaboard mainline about 10 miles southeast of Apex. The branch extends northward from Bonsal and used to go all the way to Durham.......before the construction of the B. Everett Jordan Dam.....the resulting lake flooded the little used railroad north of Bonsal. 
They only run the first Sunday of each month but their roster of mostly 44 to 70 ton diesels does include a tiny 0-4-0 tank engine (#17) which is scheduled to operate this summer. I've not ridden with these guys but I have seen their little diesels run back when I lived in Fayetteville......before the 0-4-0 had been restored.
These guys do a decent job BUT if you need steam all day, every day, all summer........well......Tweetsie is your only option in North Carolina.
And let me reiterate - the 190 SOUNDED fantastic Saturday.

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Scratch the Southern fantrip theory.
Hard to believe it's been 15 years already since we lost those.
It really is hard to believe that it's gone that long. It was a steam Camelot. Kinda makes you want to hear Johnny Graybeal sing the title song to Camelot doesn't it?

Well, at least we have Tweetsie. That's about the only steam locos in NC except for the Denton Farm Park RR I think.


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