Re: Speculation - Where was Dale Roberts 9/30/67

David Pressley

Scratch the Southern fantrip theory.
Hard to believe it's been 15 years already since we lost those.

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On 9-16-67, Dale was taking slides of 207 (630) switching, so he was in Tennessee on that day. Probably driving the Volkswagen. He could have been in Tennessee again on 9-30-67. I doubt Belle could have stopped him from going.

According to the schedule in Jim Wrinn's book, Steam's Camelot, SRR ran no excursions in September of '67.

Of course, August 25 of 1966, 4501 came to Asheville for the first time. I was there for that. I have slides of Bill Brosnan standing there with his fedora/ pork pie hat on his head. Everybody knew who Mr. Brosnan was. Why, I heard my relatives say, he's the president of the whole Southern! Lots of the Southern guys wore those hats, musta been trying to impress the boss.


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