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Curtis Brookshire <curtis.brookshire@...>

I do have the letter. It listed the levels of recognition by amount of
donation. It made no references to making payments toward a goal, which is
what prompted my question in the first place.

I leave it up to the Society's officers to decide what to do on accounting.
In the meantime, I'm sending in donations by the month. If I don't get
recognition, so be it. The goal is to get Combine 15 restored, not to
receive a certificate.


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Date: Thursday, February 11, 1999 9:18 AM
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It was my intent that you would be able to make payments and that they
would accumulate toward a particular level. I don't have the letter here
with me right now so I don't remember whether I put it in the letter. Sorry
if I didn't make it clear.

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