Re: Combine 15 Donations

johnny graybeal

My first knee jerk reaction would be to make a pledge, with a date that it
will be sent, and then wait until that date to send it. Keeping up with it
any other way would be a nightmare. On the other hand, John Waite is in
charge of the fund raising, so what ever he thinks.
This project may stretch out for years. We can always take more money from
you later if you want to give more. Tax deductions work every year.

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From: Curtis Brookshire <>
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Date: Wednesday, February 10, 1999 2:55 PM
Subject: [Tweetsie] Combine 15 Donations

From: "Curtis Brookshire" <>

Members of the ET&WNC Historical Society received a request to donate to
restoration of Combine 15. The sheet also listed different categories of
recognition based on the amount of donation.

I have a question to ask the Society officers and our group in general:
Could members make payments to a goal? I may want to give, let's say for
example five hundred dollars, but can't do it right now. Let's say I can
send fifty to seventy five dollars for several months until I reach my
What's the window for these donations? I would like to see us be able to
make payments and think this will result in a higher overall donation.

What do you think?


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