Re: 6th NC Railroad Expo & Exotic Dancer Convention

David Pressley

My wife thinks I'm having an affair with 'Julie', the automated Amtrak ticket agent. She says I call Julie two or three times a year and the next thing you know I go off for a few days on a 'train trip'.


carl hudson <> wrote:
l mentioned this to my wife and she said lf she knew there would be exotic dancers there she would let me attend, but she feels it will be just a bunch of railroaders getting together and we would stay away all night:-)

mattbumgarner <> wrote: Please forgive the cross-postings, but I wanted to remind everyone
that the 2008 North Carolina Railroad Expo & Exotic Dancer Convention
is only a month away.

It will be on Saturday, April 5th at the Hickory Metro Convention
Center located at Exit 125 on I-40 in Hickory, NC, very convenient to
Charlotte, Asheville, Greenville, Roanoke, and only 3.5 hours from
North Atlanta. Show hours are 9am-4pm, admission only $3.00, and
parking is FREE. The facility is carpeted, air conditioned, and
conveniently accessed by dealer and attendee alike. Most importantly,
all proceeds will go towards the restoration of narrow gauge Lawndale
boxcar #315.

This show has grown in terms of dealers and attendees each year,
with over 250 tables and 1100 attendees expected.

There will be at least five layouts on display, and slideshows and
clinics during the afternoon in the classroom adjacent to the show


for photos of last year's show.

If you are a dealer wanting to attend, you can download a flyer at

Please mail your flyer in early, more than HALF the tables are
already sold.


Matt Bumgarner

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