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David Pressley

I thought that this article might be of some interest to members of the group. Don Phillips once wrote of a steam-chasing trip he made to China that these locomotives for all the world reminded him of Southern Railway 2-10-2's struggling up Old Fort Mountain in the late 1940's.....

I'm just hoping that they run some public excursions with this locomotive on the old L&N line from Lexington to Louisville........tracks now owned by RJ Corman.


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Posted on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008

Dreams of steam
By Jim Warren

It's been roughly 50 years since a steam locomotive operated on the railroad tracks around Lexington. But that's about to change. The R.J. Corman Railroad Co. has taken delivery on a Chinese-built steam locomotive, which it plans to park on a siding just off Cox Street, both as a piece of historic preservation and for actual use on as-yet-unspecified "special occasions." Company owner Rick Corman says he expects to fire up the engine and try it out on the track within a few weeks, as soon as it's inspected and spruced up from its long trip from China.


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