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David Pressley

I'm not sure if GSMR could use a 2-8-2 at all. It was pretty much accepted during the SR steam excursion days that the 4501 could not be operated on the Murphy Branch any further than Balsam and why bother with just running in Haywood County.

Back in the days of regular steam SR did run small 4-6-2's all the way to Murphy though so a tiny Pacific would work.

I think I'll go out and give the GSMR a ride next month. January is a good time to do that because the fares are low and with the trees bare you can see alot of things you don't see during the warmer weather.


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I'm under the impression that the Great Smoky Mountains RR has gave
up on steam entirely...I think its been around five years since 1702
was last in action.
Ryan Scott, who is basically in charge up there, has said he wants BOTH
steam engines running (ie 1702 and 722)--and for GSMR to become an all-steam
operation. To the best I can figure out, it seems that 1702's rebuild has
just taken much longer and was much more involved than anticipated.

Then, you have the land acquisition for the new shop at Bryson City, which
is taking up both money and time. It sounds like it will be very impressive
when they get it finished. Steam is far from dead up there, it is just on
the back burner for a couple of years until they get everything else fixed.

Then, once you get 1702 back, they get to dig into the barrel of worms that
is 722. One must wonder though if it would be cheaper to just buy a 3rd
locomotive and work on 722 as time allows. There has to be a good 2-8-0 or
a very small 2-8-2 (would a Chinese SY make the clearances and curves?) that
would be less expensive than putting 722 back in steam.


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