Re: black locomotive

David Pressley

Hey Jerry,

You're up early for a vacation day!

Just so long as we don't get a Carolina Blue car. I'd have difficulty riding a train that had a Carolina Blue car on it!

(hee, hee)


gledford55 <> wrote:
--- In, David Pressley <notelvis2@...> wrote:


While there is precedent for the train cars being black at
Tweetsie, I think this idea is kind of a slippery slope.

Out of all those schools you mentioned, only ASU has a direct
connection to the ET&WNC. Some ASU students no doubt rode the train to
get to school back in the day. Dr. B.B. Daugherty, one of the founders
of ASU, worked hard to get the railroad to Boone and tried to keep it
there after the flood of 1940.

Nope, the connections to ASU are strong, and I'm going to see that even
if there isn't any recognition by Tweetsie by color change or whatever,
there will be some photos of the railroad in that student center at
ASU. I'm an ASU parent after all!

ledford in Etowah

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