Re: black locomotive

David Pressley


While there is precedent for the train cars being black at Tweetsie, I think this idea is kind of a slippery slope. After you honor ASU then someone will suggest that the red car honor NC State and then some Tar Heel fan will make a fuss until a car gets painted that horrid shade of light blue. Some fan from the Johnson City side of the mountain will then want an orange car to honor the Volunteers and the next thing you know, you've got one ugly looking train. It would look like a circus train or maybe the Partridge Family's bus from that 70's TV show. maybe one car could be painted black but that's where you have to draw the line. Political Correctness run amuck is an ugly thing!


gledford55 <> wrote:
--- In, "Joe Bays" <firebirdparts@...> wrote:

You know what I'd like to see? I like to see her converted into the
#11 for next year's railfan day. It hit me when Tim was holding the
11's number plate up at the convention.

You think railfans would come to see the 11 under steam? In black,
especially, but that might be overdoing it too.
Back to Black to honor the Mountaineers! Or at least one car. Tweetsie
is missing a real PR opportunity if they don't.

Jerry Ledford

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