The six pilot coupler

Sergent, Frank <Frank_Sergent@...>

Tweetsie Experts:

Does anybody have an idea why the number six's front coupler was changed and
moved down between 1909 and 1925? This is opposite of the general idea that
ET&WNC engines got higher 3-way couplers over time.

The photo on page 5 of the Jan-Feb-Mar 98 Stemwinder shows #6 with what
appears to be a high mounted 3-way coupler in 1909. The photo on the front
cover of the shows the same engine in 1925 and the back cover shows it in
1929 with a much lower non 3-way coupler. Note the different cut bar
configurations also. This would seem indicate that at least some rolling
stock had low couplers (24"?) as late as 1929.

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance,
Frank Sergent

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