Update on trucks

Jim King <jking@...>

Hello all,

Last week, I spent a very enjoyable evening with Paul Redmond of On-Trak
Models in eastern North Carolina. Among other things, one topic was
making inexpensive, quality trucks for HOn3 and On3 (with 30" gauge
options, too).

Bottom line is that I can make the patterns of the various ET&WNC (my
main interest) side frame styles for him to spin cast in a Zamac/pewter
mixed metal. The bolsters will likely be urethane, similar to what
Design Tech recently advertised in the Gazette. No screws will be
needed for assembly ... just slide the side frame tab into the bolster
slot and add a small styrene 'cap strip' over the slot to keep in
place. Slight equilization should be maintained but is not critical to
smooth operation on smooth track.

We can get the sideframes in any style, including McCord and Simplex and
in any gauge by using new urethane bolsters.

Any photos or other info you folks can loan me toward this project would
be most appreciated. If you have any info, let me know offline, please.


Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works

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