36 ft. flats

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Although this message is intended mainly for Johnny Graybeal, because
I'm referencing the ET freight roster he's assembled, I'm also copying
the ET mail list in hopes someone else has info on the rather confusing
freight car roster that ET operated!

I'm currently writing the history section for the On3 36' flat
instructions and, as usual, your equipment roster and notes have been
invaluable. Thanks for spending the time to sort thru records and put
it into a concise, legible format.

As we've discussed before, there are a lot of loopholes and missing
links in the data. I'm having particular problems trying to find out
which 36 foot flats stayed flats and which ones were converted to gons
or something else. You state "WOOD" for many car numbers and then
"GONDOLA" for the same car. What does 'wood' mean? Was it a flat with
temporarily-added stakes to be used to hauled cord wood or was is really
rebuilt with side boards as a gon? From the photos I've seen, flats
rebuilt as gons had different stake pockets in the center than a flat
car with temporary side boards. Converted gons appear to be permanently
altered, because they use 2 single U-bolt stake pockets in the center
that attach to the center sills for stability.

Any help is appreciated. I need to go car by car thru your roster to
determine which numbers are accurate for the kit, so an explanation of
'wood', 'flat' and 'gondola' are essential.

Thanks in advance for your help. The kit will be shipping late
Feb/early March and will be available at the convention, maybe with a
2nd car by then.

Jim King

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