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Jim King <jking@...>

Hi all,

I'm shopping for your interests again. After Phread's wonderful job of
coordinating my proposed ET pig flat and trailer, it's my turn!

I've had much discussion with modelers in the ET&WNC HS about having
correct trucks for their HOn3 rolling stock. Dave Hoffman offers top
quality investment cast brass trucks with NWSL wheels but some folks
find them difficult to work with and/or too expensive to outfit their
fleet of cars.

Currently, the best alternative is to use Grandt Line's D&RGW 4'8" wb
Delrin trucks ... they run fine and have the correct wheelbase but the
side profile is wrong. I include them in my kits because they are
economical, good quality and 'get you running' without any assembly.
The theory is that they can always be replaced later with Dave's brass

With that said, I've also been talking with a seasoned spin caster who
has 4 or 5 truck kits on the market, 1 in O 2-rail, the rest in HO and
HOn3. I'll be visiting him next Thursday to discuss many topics,
including trucks. I want to pursue having correct HOn3 and On3 Simplex
and McCord trucks produced in 'white metal', for lack of a better term.
The trucks will consist of 3 pieces ... 2 sideframes and 1 bolster ...
plus metal wheelsets (source to be determined ... maybe Grandt or
NWSL). The truck frame will be ACC'd together ... no screws.
Equalization might be a problem using this method but I'll have to see
for myself. I don't know what price they'll be but I expect in the $6
-$7.00/pr range.

Assuming I proceed with this project (patterns and tooling are made),
how many of you are interested in getting 'correct' truck kits at a more
affordable price? They would be included in my kits and available

Please respond at your convenience. This is not a project that I'll
complete next month, but once it starts, it'll go FAST!

Thanks in advance for your input.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works

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