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Currently only Skywatcher/Orion/Avalon mounts with synscan motor controllers are supported. Other mount types may be supported either by mounting a synscan upgrade kit or by building your own mount controller (AstroEQ).

The EQMOD Project is a community dedicated to the development of a free,  open source, PC based ASCOM driver that provides a rich set of mount control functions. Communications to the mount are via RS232 and requires either a RS232-TTL converter or connection to a V3.21 (or later) Synscan hand controller operating in 'PC Remote' mode.

The key features/benefits are:

  • Direct Control by any ASCOM compliant planetarium or client application
  • Northern/Southern Hemisphere support
  • Gotos/Slew at 0.144 resolution (dependent on Mount type)
  • N-Star Alignment model
  • Gamepad telescope control.
  • GPS Support
  • Variable Speed Periodic Error Correction (VS-PEC)
  • Spiral Search
  • Definable Park/unpark positions
  • Sidereal, Lunar, Solar & Custom (DEC and RA) tracking rates
  • Pulseguiding
  • Independent RA and DEC Autoguider speeds
  • Slew Speed from x0.1 to x800 sidereal rate
  • English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian & Dutch language support
Other EQMOD Project developments include:

  • EQMosaic - An ASCOM application for the management of mosaics
  • EQTour - An ASCOM application fro Sky Tour planning and navigation
  • EQMODLX - LX200 to ASCOM, useful for satellite tracking
  • PERECORDER - Automated Periodic Error recording program using webcams
  • PECPrep - Periodic Error Analysis program

Click here for Documentation & FAQs

A thankyou goes out to Doug at Shoestring Astronomy for funding our move to groups.io. Please visit http://www.shoestringastronomy.com.

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