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The EJ&E List is a forum for people interested specifically in what was, the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway. The list was originally created on Jan 29th, 1999. Other rail related discussion regarding US Steel/Transtar railroads, ore railroads, and railroading in the Chicago, IL area in general, is acceptable on a limited basis. CN discussion should be limited to what was originally the EJ&E system. Non EJ&E related CN discussion should be kept to a minimum. This list is a companion to the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Archive site at:

The EJ&E was a "belt-line" railroad that encircled the Chicago, IL area, running from Gary, IN to Waukegan, IL. It crossed or connected with almost every major and minor railroad that operates in Chicago. It was an interesting railroad to follow, because many lines utilized the EJ&E as a bridge route in various ways. For instance, many coal trains from UP and BNSF reach power plants in the area by moving over the EJ&E. The property was purchased by Canadian National and taken over in 2009.

We sometimes have a chat room meet on Sunday night around 8PM Central. Feel free to let people know on the list first if you want to call a chat that night, or any night in particular. The room is always available.

If you would like to upload materials to the list for people to view, that's fine... Please use the list "Files" area for non-photo type stuff, such as articles, maps, and documents. All photos should go in the list "Photos" area. When uploading material, please include your name and any pertinent information, like when and where the photo was taken. This helps greatly if I eventually add the materials to the web site. Also, please do not randomly deposit files in the main area... Find an existing category, or create a new sub folder or folders, and organize your uploads in a logical manner. Thanks - Dave

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