EGGdish is a Group for Gratitude practice, moderated by Elly Brosius, for people with ME/CFS, Orthostatic Intolerance dysautonomia (POTS, NMH), and similar syndromes. Several of us have a post-infection illness origin story, others point to environmental triggers, reactions to anesthesia, something else. Ranting about and processing of difficult life stuff, illness related or not, is welcomed as long as gratitude is sought and documented as well. The purpose of EGGdish is for saving and redirecting energy into something constructive, for healing what can be healed. We use medicinal gratitude, acceptance, patience, change of perspective, and non-judgment. Members are invited to post daily, expected to post only when they are up to it, can handle it. It is okay to lurk after introduction and first few gratitude posts.

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